Mistress of Winds

So after the horrible outcome of Emily’s book cover, I decided to move over to Photoshop, which would allow me flexibility with lettering, if nothing else.

Almost a year ago, I started to put together my first series of covers. I collected images, fonts, and some nifty .pngs to make a series of 5 covers, the first of which I call Mistress of Winds. No, they’re not for real books (although I get suggestions regularly to make them into real books. Ha!)


This was my first time trying to isolate an image in PS, and I found I wasn’t any happier then than I had been, so I went back and isolated the girl in Paint.net.  (With simpler images–especially for trial runs–I’m still doing this in Paint.net at times because it’s speedy, if not as perfect.)

Then I did a slapdash assembly in Canva. This allowed me to visualize the whole series of 5 covers while easily moving around the backgrounds to see which one worked the best. (I still think Canva is the best resource I have for moving backgrounds around and trying out various filters quickly.)


So this gave me an idea of how this one would come out.  (It was actually the second one I moved to Photoshop, but it’s still my favorite.)

Therefore, my first cover in PS came out looking like this:


I found a font I like much better (Moody Blue), and got this one structured better.

However… Now that some time has passed, I will probably look at this one again, and try to isolate the model again, probably by making her a smart image (to reduce pixelation), and I’ll certainly add a bit of noise in front.  Also, I’d love to go back and lighten up that background sky.

That’s one true advantage of making covers on your own–you can redo them whenever your skills improve. ;o)

But this first set was a true exploration of what I could do with the skills I had then…