Evolution of a Book Cover



This book has been rather long in the making (it’s been serialized over a couple of years), and the two covers to the left of the are the ones that were used to cover the first and second thirds of the book for the Patreon patrons who were paying for it.

The very first cover came out March 2017, and the second last December. As we approach the final 2 chapters of the book, I’ve honed down what I wanted for the cover more and more. The text font has changed until it resembles the circle motif of the sphere in the sky. And my PS skills have improved so that I could clean out the excess parts of hte fractal image and have only the one primary circle, blending it with the sunset layer below it.

So it’s been an interesting, slow-motion journey with this cover. It doesn’t give away much of what’s in the book, but since it’s a prequel and very mich a niche product, I’m going to let that slide.

Plus, since I put these together myself, I can always replace them if I find something I like better!




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