New PreMade Covers: Elemental

I’ve got a new set of ‘watercolor with mosaic’ effect covers up now that can be altered in various ways. Purchase one for $120 a second for $60, and a third for $40.

Why so expensive?  Well, it’s that gorgeous mosaic font, the star of the group.  It’s super expensive, so that means if you want it for a book, you’ll have to pay more.  Sorry about that.  Essentially to get the license for a writer who wants to put out more than 500 books… I’ll have to pay $234 total for the graphics and font.

However, if you’d like to commision a similar cover, the prices will still be the same. I have a lot of color options to chose from, and as you see the color of the mosaic letters (which are preserved in their original color in INK) can be altered to fit with various backgrounds.

If you’re interested, contact me by the Contact Form linked on the menu above!